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  • How do I order?

    You can place an order by any of the methods below:
    By Internet - via our website's shopping cart,
    By fax - Fax to (+81)6-6647-4411
    By phone - Call us at (+81) 6-6647-1335
    By e-mail - our staff will process your order (

  • I placed an order but did not receive any e-mail reply?

    After you place an order, an auto-reply order confirmation will be sent to your specified e-mail address. If you have not received this automated reply, please check your spam mail inbox.

  • How much is the shipping fee?

    Shipping fee will be calculated by our satff manually, and will be added to the total amount of your order. (Shipping fee reference)

  • I want to modify/cancel my order, how do I do that?

    Please contact our staff by e-mail. Please DO NOT place any new order.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    You can pay by credit card (our staff will mail you the online payment URL link for the payment).
    Payment by bank transfer is also available.
    (more details...)

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

    If the item is available in our store stock we can dispatch your order within 3 days.
    If the item is not available at our store, we need to order the stock from the manufacturer, which take longer.
    Delivery time is differrent for each country. (Refer to Japan Post website)

  • What delivery courier are you using?

    Shuttle House uses Japan Post Office for delivery.
    We mainly ship via EMS; Air Parcel is also available.
    For low value small items, we suggest using Air Mail Small Package. (Shipping fee reference)

  • Can I return items or change size?
  • How much discount I can get?

    The final discount rate depends on the total amount of each order. Yes, you can return items or change size for regular items under some conditions.
    Please be aware that the shipping fee both ways are to be paid by the customer. (more details...)
    The discount will be calculated automatically by our shopping cart. Please note some items are excluded from the discount system (more details..)

  • How do I become a Shuttlehouse member?

    You automatically become a regular member with your first purchase. To become silver or gold member and enjoy more discount you need to have a particular amount of purchase. (more details)

  • Are the YONEX rackets JP models?


  • I want this particular limited item, do you have it?

    Most limited items (especially clothing) are only available through pre-order, so please check our site frequently for preorder item information.

  • Do you accept payment by Paypal?

    Sorry, currently we only accept payment by credit card and bank transfer.

  • About item availabilityF

    Items listed on this site are provided from our store and manufacturer inventory. For the manufacturer inventory, we inquire our supplier after receiving order, and it may take some times until the item is available. Also there is possibility the item already out of production/sold out.

Discount System Table 
Discount will be calculated based on the total price per order (by the suggested retail price) 
Range of prices Discount rate 
Regular member
(including the first time customer)
‚P ` ‚QC‚P‚U‚O 0%
‚QC‚P‚U‚P ` ‚SC‚R‚Q‚O 5%
‚SC‚R‚Q‚P ` ‚UC‚S‚W‚O 10%
‚UC‚S‚W‚P ` ‚WC‚U‚S‚O 15%
‚WC‚U‚S‚P ` ‚P‚OC‚W‚O‚O 20%
‚P‚OC‚W‚O‚P ` ‚Q‚PC‚U‚O‚O 21%
‚Q‚PC‚U‚O‚P ` ‚R‚QC‚S‚O‚O 22%
‚R‚QC‚S‚O‚P ` ‚S‚RC‚Q‚O‚O 23%
‚S‚RC‚Q‚O‚P ` ‚T‚SC‚O‚O‚O 24%
‚T‚SC‚O‚O‚P ` ‚U‚SC‚W‚O‚O 25%
‚U‚SC‚W‚O‚P ` ‚V‚TC‚U‚O‚O 26%
‚V‚TC‚U‚O‚P ` ‚W‚UC‚S‚O‚O 27%
‚W‚UC‚S‚O‚P ` ‚X‚VC‚Q‚O‚O 28%
‚X‚VC‚Q‚O‚P ` ‚P‚O‚WC‚O‚O‚O 29%
‚P‚O‚WC‚O‚O‚P ` 30%
Range of price Discount rate