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Our Rare Badminton Collection (Not for Sale)
Only 5000 rackets in the world!
”YONEX Superbrands Limited Edition Badminton Racket”
This racket is Armortec series first model.
On each racket shaft serial number xxxx/5000 is engraved.
Also Hologram to ensure originality can be seen on the upper part of the grip.
■ The racekt comes with its own case, guarantee card, and certificate.
 ■ Thck gase with Yonex logo embossed.

(The actual color is black, we increased the pic brighness for easier view)
■ Warranty Card with hologram ■ Warranty Card (with Serial No. Written)

The certificate is personally signed by Mr. Yoneyama and have the racket serial number written. ■ Registration and Warranty Card

This racket is produced to commerate Superbrands award that Yonex received in Indonesia-Malaysia.
also to commemorate 40 years relation between Yonex's Agent Sunrise and Yonex. This racket is made in Japan , but not sold in Japan.

■ The racket ads phamplet
Serial number 1 racket is given to Indonesia President Megawati Sukarno Puteri by Yonex represetatives.

Yonex got the Superbrand Award in 2004

As the racket is valued highly by collectors, many fake rackets are sold in the market. So please be careful!

■ 18K GOLD LIMITED EDITION Shuttlecock key holder

2008 Hongokong Open Limited Items - Not sold in Japan
■No Print/Color Racket (For test)
We got this raket in 2006 from a racket factory.

■China National Team Special Adjusted Racket
We got this racket from a retired national team staff in 2001.

■Germany version of Nanospeed 9000
The racket is GR coded.

■Made in Denmark? Euro E-3000 Badminton Racket
■ We do not know details about this racket.
But it is seems to be a made in Denmark racket.
■The racket spec. are printed on the inside of the racket.

■We found this racket in Taiwan. The logo similar to a parituclar Japan's maker so we think the raket is interesting.
MSRP is about 17,000 JPY

■ FUTABAYA H-FORCE 3180 attack
■We also found this racket in Taiwan. The racket is marked with FUTABAYA brand, which was quite a famous soft-tennis racket maker in Japan 20 years ago. The print on the left bottom is strange because its read Futaboya.
The items displayed here are not for sale.