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This page shows how to order on the web site

  Every item has the detailed explanation on it in the index, please click it for further information

1. Please select the item(s) you are interested in

■The following show how to select the item you are interested in
A. From the category of merchandise: for you to make a thorough check on merchandise in manufacturers catalog
(Click to go to index of the category)
B. From index of catalog: helpful when you have the specific information on the merchandise such as manufacturers name
and description/item code etc.
(Click to go to index of catalogues)
C. From manufacturers catalogues: it will be helpful when you select any item from category, regardless the manufacturers
(Click to go to manufacturers catalogues)

■The following items are also available
A. Shuttle House's originals: (handled only by Shuttle House )
B. New products:items launched after publication of manufacturers catalog
C. Restricted items: memorial of an occasion such as tournament/competition, production with limited quantity, and very
rare items etc.
D. Bargain: from inventory and/or B Grade items etc.
Note: Catalogue on equipment's/accessories for badminton will include those for other sports like tennis etc , and they are all
available upon request , to which customers can have discount for members same as badminton.

2. Please place an order on the items you are interested in

■Ordering procedure is shown below
A. By shopping cart: every information on the merchandise has a shopping cart on it, thru which you can order.
B. By phone: home phone, mobile phone, public phone (+81) 6-6647-1335
C. By fax (+81) 6-6647-4411
D. By e-mail(
E. By order sheet : recommendable when ordering with big quantity for team use if you have description/item code of the merchandise
Note: Please make sure that your Name (full name),postal address with Zip code, and Phone No. are all filled out.
Each order will be treated as an independent one (discount, shipping schedule, and shipping/trucking charge to be
paid by you) . When it were ordered any time divided by customer's reason , we would regard it as once order.

3. Method of Payment

(Click here for method of payment)
■. .following 2way ordered from oversea
A. .Credit card
B. Bank transfer
Note: *Shopping from oversea is different from our site in Japan about discount rate by distinction of system . Please understand it beforehand

4. Confirmation of order

 ■ For orders thru shopping cart, our e-mail for confirmation will be automatically dispatched to you, while those placed
by order sheet and/or e-mail, a mail will be sent to you to confirm it.
(This mail will work only to confirm our acceptance of the order but not for any information on it)
Note: For orders placed by fax and/or postal mail, no confirmation of order will be sent to you.

5. states of inventory and shipping schedule

■  When any item in your order is short shipped due to "sold out", "running out of stock", or "new product which needs
longer lead time", we will advise you of its reason, together with the expected shipping date, asking you as to whether
you could accept the late shipment, or change the item/cancel it.
Note: We are not in a position to advise you of the exact date of arrival of the shipment because a carrying truck may be
sometimes delayed due to unforeseeable reason like bad weather etc.

Payment by credit card

■  We will send you as soon as we confirmed your credit card
Note:  If your credit card wasn't accepted, we will let you know about that .
In that case , we would like you to change the way of payment.
bank transfer

■  The following information is for your payment. Shipment will be made once your payment was confirmed.
Click here for method of payment
※ Please pay in Japanese yen (Convert it into Japanese yen)
※Customer need to pay 2500 JPY for bank charge in Japan .
 ■ Bank Transfer (bank charge will be
on your account)
Banking Corporation
Savings Account
Note: Bank account YO3 is a company that takes charge of the management of the entire mail order and management concerning making Internet and maintenance etc of SHUTTLE HOUSE .
Shuttle house does the order, the shipment, and the store sales of the goods

7. Shipment will be made (basically one shipment) once your payment was confirmed

■  Shipment will be mail (SAL) .
Note: For shipments per Air Freight, Express Post Parcel, or your nominated Trucker (those we have no contract with) upon
your request, , the difference of the charge will be on your account.

You need to pay difference ,if you wish the another express company out of our contract by customer reason .

Please check the shipment upon arrival

■  In case any discrepancy is found in the shipment , such as damage or miss-shipment, please let us know within 5 days
after receipt of the shipment. The replacement will soon be sent to you.

9. Registration of membership and customers benefit point

A. The membership can be designated as SILVER or GOLD membership according to the reserved benefit point , and
those members will be entitled a privilege of discount.
Note: Registration of membership will be accepted only when applied thru home phone (at home, or office with which
we can get in touch).

Your membership and customers benefit point will not be valid any more in case no order was placed for the period of
one year. Any order placed thereafter will be treated as the initial order.

Due to the Regulation to protect the personal information, we will ask you to give us the minimum information of yours.
Since we will not ask your age, those who are under 20 years of age will be requested to obtain the consent
of their guardians when placing an order with us.

* No personal information shall be disclosed to any third party unless there would be a very special reason for it.

10. When shipment is returned or replaced

Click here for return and/or replacement of shipment
■  Unused merchandise in 5 days after received can be returned or replaced upon request.
Note: Please contact us for return or replacement before you dispatch the merchandise so that our staff will advise you
as to how to treat it.
Return or replacement of the merchandise may not be accepted if some of attachment such inner box and tag etc.
are missing...

Any charge incurred in this transaction will be on your account, and revised amount and/or discount will be advised
you accordingly.. New payment should be made according to the advice from our staff.
No return or replacement will be accepted for the merchandise of bargain and some restricted items.

11. Others

■  The regulation on "Calling Home Sales" is shown in another page.
■  Contents of this home page may be changed without notice.
■  There may be printing error although thorough check has been made.
■  We appreciate your pointing out any printing error when found, especially in price.

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