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How to use manufacturers catalog 
This page explains how to use manufacturers catalog.

1. ■The following show how to select merchandise
A. From manufacturers catalog (you can check the detailed information on the merchandise with
manufacturers catalog.)
(To manufacturers catalog)
From index of catalog: convenient if you check along with manufacturers catalog
(To index)
C. From category of merchandise: easier to check the merchandise when you have information such as manufacturers
name and description/item code of the specific merchandise.
(To category of merchandise)
Catalog for equipment's/accessories for badminton will include those for other sports such as tennis etc. , which have not been
separately sorted per category and must be checked with each catalog.
All of the goods in our home page is include tax(in JAPAN)

The following items (original, new products ,restricted items , bargain )care also available
A. Shuttle House's originals: handled only by Shuttle House to which customers benefit point will be applied
B. New products:launched after publication of manufacturers catalog
C. Restricted items: memorial of an occasion such as a tournament/competition, production with limited quantity, products
for sale in the restricted area, and very rare items etc
D. Bargain: from inventory, and/or B Grade items

2. How to use manufacturers catalog

(To manufacturers catalog)
1. Top pages of latest catalogs from various manufacturers have been lined up with "Thumb Nail" mark
2. Click an image and you will see the top page of catalog

For your quick reference, every 10 pages of each catalog has been put together and lined up with "Thumb Nail" marks.


Index of catalog: has been provided for your easier check

4. An enlarged photo can be seen by clicking an image of the page you want to see
5. Further, you will have a shopping cart by clicking on the item you are going to order.
6. Please place an order thru the shopping cart.(To shopping cart)
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