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Membership System Guidance
Guidance of mail order membership system for Shuttle House.

  Shuttle House offers full privileges to our mail order membership.
This page is the guide of membership system.

1. Memembership could be registered when first-time-purchase at Shuttle House

Free of charge for registration, no membership fees. No speicific qualification for applying membership. Everyone is welcomed.
Member's benefits will apply automatically once a customer purchased and became a member, even when it's the first time of visiting.
The contact telephone number will be registered as the ID number of membership.
A member's benefit also includes join our class, practice meeting, bargain sale... etc.
The registered telephone numbers must be fixed numbers (e.g. office/home number).

Please note that all of the points will be invalid when your membership account is inactive for 1 year or more since the last order.
Any customers who make their order after one year or more will be treated as a first-time registered member, and need to re-register again.

Based on the Law of Personal Information Protection in Japan, we only ask for the minimum information of a customer's basic personal information when register a new membership account on mail order.
We do not ask about the age of our customers, however, if your are a customer who is under age of 18, please obtain the permission from your guardian before purchasing any order.
We have strict restrictions in order to protect our customer's privacy. Shuttle House do not post any personal information of our customers on our website without their permission.

For our oversea's customers, we apologize for not accepting points exchange to the Shuttle House Original Goods. However, the membership points will be accumulated same as the customers in Japan.

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