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Order sheet 
Ordering with order sheet
For group ordering, it will be easier for multiple orders or group ordering with the same product number, colour and size etc.

Gold member Silver member Regular member(ordered before) First timeorder for the first time
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Zip code
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address(city and state)

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Please inform when ordering the special fixed price items and limited edition items.
When ordering more than 15 items at one time. Please separate the order and send the order sheets separately.
Please also fill the sheet number in the right square to avoid any confusion. This is the sheet of number .
The order sheet will not send to the customers once they have placed their order. Before they select order, we suggest that our customers should save a copy of their orders to avoid any confusion. Our company will reply to our customer once we have received your order, our staffs will provide the update and the status of the order.
When ordering, if customers double click the ENTER key, order sheet will be send automatically to our company. On this situation, please keep ordering. When customers finish ordering, please click order to send us the order sheet again.
Maker item code & product name standard goods /special
price /limited item
color size number unit(only the Shuttle-cocks)
More items

Please write on the box above for speical request such as stringing service ,special requirments, or any item that is not shown on the order sheet.

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