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How to place an order
=Instructions of using our shopping cart=

  All of the goods in our website have shopping cart.
In this page we explain how to use the shopping cart .

A. Instructions of using our shopping cart

A fast and easy way ! (three ways to find our shopping cart

Entering at a top page of a maker catalogue
1. You can see like turning over each pages the catalogue

Entering at a top page of index of maker catalogue
1. We made the index each maker catalogue .

Entering at a page of an item category (a classification).
1. If you have already known an item code / name, ordering from an item category would be convenient. If you would like to find an item from an image of items, we recommend a maker catalogue.

1. There is a case which contents are changed without notice .
2. There is a case which the goods have finished production .
3. The color is different from seeing on web site.
Note An item of other competition is also carried in a catalogue (tennis) of a badminton maker.Member discount applies to other competition items, too.
All of the goods in our home page is include tax (in JAPAN).

A shopping cart sample
Shopping cart below appears for all items in a catalogue. Detailed usage is explained below.




color/size: SS S M L O XO




*Above shopping cart is a sample.

Explanation of a left side shopping cart

Badminton Speciality Shop "SHUTTLE HOUSE" Shopping cart

A sample image of items

When there is the left comment, click the upper item image. Explanation of an enlarged image and item appears.

Click the left comment if you are not to order from a shopping cart. It is linked to a page of other methods of order.(TEL/FAX/E-mail/Order Form/Postal Transfer)

"Order form" appears when you click the left icon.

Shopping cart is easy and fast for ordering each item.
Order form is convenient for ordering variety of items. If you already know item codes, an order with "Order form" is convenient.
Clicking the right icon returns you to the top page. Clicking a logo mark of the upper shuttle house also brings you back to the top page.

Explanation of a right side shopping cart

Guidance on the right is displayed if an item is not for a normal sale item.
Stock clearance items/B grade items/ special price items
limited sale items/ limited area items/ remembrance items
New items before a release/ order reservation items
Order production items/May take time for delivery
Displayed when there is a minimum shipment unit/Only certain unit is available

Maker: XXXX Production maker name of an item
Item: XXXX Photograph of an item
Item name:XXXX Name of an item ( we omit it if a maker in particular does not follow an item name)
Item code: XXXX Number of an item
Color/Size: Choose color, size, and number from the left pull-down. The quantity can be chosen up to 20.
For a large quantity more than 21 peaces choose more than 1 by upper pull-down temporary.
Then put a quantity (maximum 999) directly on the confirmation page in a cart

Please fill in your desired strings tension of a racket.
When you open a shopping cart of racket, you can choose with or without string.The pull down is right below quantity pull-down.


If you would like us to string, choose wNecessary(there are more than one)x. Select desired strings, and write the combination of the racket and strings in MEMO that is in a page of a shopping cart.


If you don't want string the racket, choosewUnnecessaryx.


We don't accept return or exchange goods after stringing.

explanation for
Many items would be
discounted by following below
"discount system".
selling price: 7,770 YEN (JAPANESE)

The items of these above makers would be discounted. Discount rate depends on the sum of your purchase price. But shuttlecock and heavy weight items are exclude from discount items..
More details, click above icon.   
We show price and information for the items that are for no discount items.
The item of fixed price

Limited items

*Above indication is same as following .
Our price: ‚P‚OC‚T‚O‚OYEN(JAPANESE)
Maker price: Open price

*Above indication is same as following .
Heavy weight items that change price
depends on area or quantity of items
*Above indication u0 YEN(JAPANESE)v mean that change the price by weight and the area .After we confirmed the order , we are telling the estimate .

Closeout item

Above indication is same as following .
Special: ‚U,‚R‚O‚O YEN(JAPANESE)
Maker price: ‚P‚OC‚O‚O‚O YEN(JAPANESE)

Above indication is same as following .
This goods is special price and out of our price system.
In detail , click right icon.
¦The price in catalog is manufacturer price
These icons are explained below.

Explanations in shopping cart page
This below sample is 60% size of original shopping cart page.

Shopping cart

Look at the order frame below

Select quantity from pull-downs where your desire color and size cross.
You can order some items at a time by using plural pull-downs.
When you decide quantity of items, go to next page from the icon below.
When you click this icon, your items will be in shopping cart and Confirmation page will appear.
If you have another purchase, click this icon anyway. And follow instructions of next page Confirmation page.

When you click this icon, you can see your items that have already purchased in the shopping cart. Confirmation page will show them.

When you click this icon, you will go to Account page directly.

Confirmation page

According to the sum of your purchase price, the items of the Price system will be discounted automatically except the items that are out of the Price system target.
And prices will be calculated again.   


The discounts for the Gold and Silver members are not shown here. We will estimate for the Gold and Silver members., and the estimate will be sent.

You can choose items up to 20 by using pull-down. If you want to choose more, rewrite your desire quantity.
( It's p to 999) And then, click

If you want to change quantity after choosing quantity, rewrite and click[Renew]
If you want to cancel the items, rewritew0x, and click[Renew].The items will be canceled.

This icon is for deleting items in the shopping cart.

Click this icon if you'd like to continue shopping.Your items save in the shopping cart.
And if you purchase another items, those items will appear in the shopping cart at this page.

If there are no mistakes of order items or prices, click this icon to go to next Account page.

Accounting page Click this icon to back page
‘ Select a way of payment and put a check please
NOTE: If you want to pay by credit card , select credit card company , expiration date from pull-down menu , and input s your name and credit card number .




Click the button to back
[the page of confirmation]

Please choose the way of payment.

same as front item , click here if you want to continue shopping.
It will be kept the goods in shopping cart.
If you want to back front page , click a back of browser.

when click this button , you can go next [order form]

Order form

Back to Account page.

[comment:]This is MEMO. If you order rackets, please select desired strings or rubbers, and write the combination of the racket and strings. We want to know the name and the item code of your rackets and strings. 

Go to Final confirmation page.

Click it to back the page of
[the page of payment].

Please fill in the form.

It cannot be registered by a cellular phone. Although a cellular phone number can be registered as the member number in order to connect with expediently.
It is necessary to register by fixed telephone number(office/home phone etc.).

You can write the number of your cellular phone in the[comment:]column.

In [comment:]column , please fill in mobile phone , tension of strings (if you need ) ,or anything else .

Please click this button ,
you can go next last page.

Final confirmation pageiA case of bank transferj

Final confirmation pageiA case of credit cardj

Back to Order form.
This is the final page, so please confirm your address, name and items (item code, color, size, quantity and so on). If you don't see any mistakes, please click this button to order.
Thank you very much!

This page comes up at last.
We will E-mail you to let you know that we have got your order.
* The E-mail will be sent to you automatically,but
— etc can not reply automatically.
In this case, we send E-mail from us by hands, so it will be take time for that. We have to say sorry for this case.
But we will E-mail you that your items are in stock or not later.
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