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Order Sheet
=how to use the order sheet=
This page explains how to use order sheet.

  We have other ordering methods except the order sheet. The following is the information for other order methods.

When you decided the goods ,please choose the ordering methods.
A. By the shopping cart(Every index page of goods has shopping cart, you can order the goods one by one.)
B. By phone  home phone /mobile phone/ general phone Please dial: (+81) 6-6647-1335
*(GMT+09:00)19:30-(GMT+09:00)10:30(answering machine)
C. By FAX (+81) 6-6647-4411
D. By E-mail(
E. (The guidance in this page)By order sheet (Please insert the item code or when your place a hugh amount of orders. Orde sheet will be the best and easiest way to order.)
Note All of the goods in our homepage include tax (in JAPAN)

For Oversea customers

F. How to use the order sheet
It will be easier for team ordering, and for multiple orders of the same product numbers with different colour code and sizes.
The sample of order sheet
Please click the page of order sheet, and the order sheet will appear. Please follow the instructions to order.
The sample of order sheet is being re-sized by 60%.


Instructions of the top Order Form
Gold member Silver member Regular member(ordered before)  First time(orders for the first time)
(Please write it by all means)
(Please fill it in )
In the alphanumeric character
Zip code
(orders for the first time/moved)


(first time)
address(city and state)

(Member number)
(Please fill it in every time)
Cellular phone
  Please fill in the personal information in this part.
  If it is your first time to use the order sheet, please put a check on the 'first time'.

Instructions for the process of the Order Form
Please fill in the necessary information, and each blank has 7 columns.
Use the pull-down button to choose the maker.
item code & product name
Please fill in the product number and the name of the product.
standard goods/special
price/limited item
Use the pull-down button to choose [standard goods][special price][limited item].
Fill in the number and the colour code you wish to order.
Fill in the size you wish to order.
Fill in the quantity you wish to order.
note:If you want to order different color or size even with the same item number , please refill the product numbers.
unit (only the Shuttle-cocks)
Please choose the number of units by using the pull-down button .
note: Attention! Shuttlecock is different from dozen (12) to box, please be careful !
Special requests for the above Order Form

Please fill in here directly for more specail requests, or for example stringing servicer etc.

Please let us know your comment about our service [Shuttle House]
If you want to stop the order , click this bottom and it will cancel the order.
Please click this bottom after you filled in all the necessary information.
note: If you double click the ENTER bottom while filling the order form, the order will send to us automatically.
For this situation, please return back to the order form and continue to fill in the order form. Once you finished ordering, please click the ORDER buttom and complete the order.
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