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Report of Chinese factory tour
Chinese racket mold factory report
SHUTTLE HOUSE does overseas training once a year for stuff , in this time we visited Chinese racket factory and sports shop in Hong Kong
We told you the report of Chinese factory .
Racket mold factory
productsF EMold of racket for badminton , tennis , squash
Eracket grommets and that mold
Eracket end cap and that mold
planning room 1
A planning of racket mold made by computer .
planning room 2
It was made 3D.
A young engineer very easily operates it..
planning room 3
Adjusted design of racket in itself , applauding of mold is done.
production of mold 1
It is NC lathe for making mold of racket.
production of mold 2
it sharpen it according to the program of a computer automatically
production of mold 3
Finish stage of mold. A curve of a joint part is finished beautifully by special machine .
production of grommets1
It is lathe for making mold of grommets
production of grommets2
It is mold making machine
production of grommets3
It can make 320 pieces once .
production of cap1
It is a machine for assembling cap of grip end .
production of cap2
End cap is made maker logo mark to mix 2 parts
production of cap3
separate a molded bayonet point cap , and sharpen it politely .

Racket factory
productsFRacket for badminton , tennis , squash
Quantity of productionFabout four millions / a year

production of carbon sheet
It coil carbon fiber around a roll core .After finish coiling , slit open by cutter ,and make one sheet.
It is used both of carbon sheet produced by their factory and by Europe by a sort of racket.
production of shaft 1
Cut a carbon sheet .
It is adjusted angle by angle of carbon fiber .
It fix edge of sheet by tape .
production of shaft 2
It is a machine for making mold of shaft .While pressure is putting on , coiled carbon sheet ,and completed shaft .
production of shaft 3
Coil a transparency tape on shaft
production of shaft 4
It dry in high temperature dry room.
production of shaft 5
Polish a surface of dry shaft
production of shaft 6
load to shaft and sort out the hardness of a shaft from condition.
production of frame1
Cut a carbon sheet put a mold together.
It is a little difference of carbon fiber quantity by a sort of racket .
production of frame2
mold temporary with form of frame
production of frame3
install a shaft to a frame
Strength is secured. in joint parts
fire 1
Insert frame and shaft between two mold ,
fire 2
Fire in oven. In this factory there are equipment that can fire about 30-50 rackets once .
fire 3
Take out the rackets finished fire .
It is a very heavy labor in the hand work .
hole processing
make a hole to thread a grommet in frame .The racket is fixed metallic guide , the position of the hole never shifts.
attach grip 1
It applies an adhesive to the shaft, attach grip and cap .
attach grip 2
adjust a length and angle by the time the adhesive dries .
burnish surface 1
burnish a racket by sandpaper
burnish surface 2
check a surface of racket , remove defective goods .
A part of burnish shortage is done again
burnish surface 3
A part of burnish shortage burnish again .
test 1
Weight and balance of racket is measured , it checks whether to be in the standard. (The picture is tennis racket but same as badminton racket)
test 2
Torque of racket is measured , it checks whether to be in the standard . The left of the picture is normal and the right of the picture is twisted .
painting P
Painting is den by special workman with spray gun .
painting 2
Also gradation painting is done by special workman
It is a sample of painting right side of picture .
painting 3
Finished painting racket is fixed on hanger.
painting 4
Painting is dried in a dry room.
painting 5
It puts a seal of logo or character .
painting 6
final check of painting .
It finishes it up by the clearing painting.after that .
drive Grommet 1
It is automatically driven grommet to a hole of racket .
drive Grommet 2
cut a grommet suitable length .
SHUTTLE HOUSE staff tried the process but it need experience to make same length .
drive end cap
check the length and weight balance of racket and install end cap .
Wrapping of grip tape 1
stick double-faced tape ton grip
Wrapping of grip tape 2
After fixed grip end , wrap grip tape with rotating racket .
After final test , it will finish .
In this factory , it string for cheap racket . We will introduce of process of string ..
It string with about 15 workmen queue up.
Warp and woof is left about 30cm to be pulled by string machine .
About ten workmen string by handle type string machine .
Therefore it had threaded warp and woof already ,It takes only five minutes ,
test room
There is a test room in factory , it is tested here new products .
We will introduce typical test .
Continuous batting test
It try to test thousands of times repeatedly , whether there is any trouble to racket .
Test to load
It applies load to the frame side vertically and horizontally.
tested durability of racket ,

It was surprised of you because there were quite a lot of processes up to making one racket.
In this factory , I hear it was a first time to accept factory tour from sports shop .
A part of the trade secret that was not able to be introduced on the homepage was taught to Frank, and it became very significant training for our staff.
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