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Shop Introduction

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Shuttle House is a DUTY FREE store
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Shuttle house has been selling badminton equipment in Namba Osaka since 1983.

Strings, rackets, shoes and clothing, anything badminton related, just ask us!

All of our staff are looking forward to your visit.
*Address(Osaka Namba main store)
YO3 building,2-8-88 Nambanaka,Naniwa-ku,556-0011,Osaka,JAPAN
(Zip code)556-0011@sQg2|8|88@YO3rPe)

Earth coordinate's Point LatitudeF3439'41.99"N@LongitudeF13530'2.13"E@(+34.662087 +135.499873)
TelephoneFi{WPjU|UUSV|PRRT @/@hoponeFi{WPjTO|VTOQ|WUTX
Open 7days a week. (except Dec 31 Jan 3)
From Jun.13th, 2016,we extend our opening hours to@From 10:00am to 10:00pm (GMT+09:00)
*Phone & Email service of online-shop business is until 7pm(Japan time).
*How to get to the shop

By train, please get off at Namba station (Subway: Midosuji, Yotsubashi and Sennichimae line.) Nankai line, Kintetsu line and JR)
Please take exit No. 5 (direction for Osaka Prefecture Gymnasium) and exit to street level.

Please take Exit no.5 in NAMBA underground shopping area. Then please cross the signal on the right.
Take left and go straight after crossing the traffic signal.
You can see McDonald's at about 150 meters.
Please take the road on the right side of McDonalds.
After going straight ahead for about 140 m you will see a picture sign on the left side. Here is our shop "Shuttle House Osaka Namba Main Store"!
Welcome to "Badminton Specialty Store Shuttle House Osaka Namba Main Store"!
Map to our store

Condition of duty-free sales.
Non-Japanese passport holders on tourist visas are eligible for duty free prices.
Please put us on your list for duty free shopping in Japan!
Regarding duty free pricing, the following conditions apply.
@1. Duty free pricing does not apply for individuals of Japanese nationality.
@2. Duty free pricing does not apply for foreign individuals who have stayed in Japan over a year or planning to stay in Japan.
@3. Duty free pricing only applies to transactions of more than 10000 yen.
@4. Articles purchased at duty free prices cannot be used, exchanged or resold in Japan.
@5. You will need to present your (foreign) passport at the time of purchase.
@6DAbove conditions apply to shopping in our store. Please see information for online shopping when you use online shop.
*Visitation of racket factory in China.
Shuttle House staff go abroad to improve our badminton knowledge once a year. Here is an account of our trip to a racket factory in China. Also we visited a sports shop in HongKong.
Report is here!
*Our customer intoroduction.
We introduce our customer from overseas.
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